Windows 8 App Retro UI Updates And Renamed As Retro UI Pro

RetroUI is a application that will enable Windows 8 user’s to way boot straight to desktop without switching through Modern Interface. At this weekend Thinix company released update that not only updates new features but it can changed product name to RetroUI Pro.

The new update brings new start menu for windows 8 desktop. Start menu help windows 8 owner to pin start screen apps to enable them to be accessed via desktop mode of windows 8.

RetroUI also added call’s enforce which adds taskbar and start menu button to windows 8 Start screen. Enforce help you to resize Windows 8 apps interface.

RetroUI Pro Tablet view is a handy features to adds shortcut for Modern and desktop apps.

RetroUI Pro new version cost $4.95 or $9.95 per license to use for Windows 8 PC. if you want to try it free? they offer you 7 day’s free trail.

Source: RetroUI Pro | Image via: Thinix

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