Windows 7.5 OS Users Will Also Experience Marketplace Improvements

Windows 7.5 older OS users still capable to see Marketplace on it. if you interested to download some new stuff like apps, games from windows market. Our posted story relead with this, Microsoft announced on this past summer windows phone market place would be changed to windows phone store. Older devices keeping marketplace name and users will able to find out apps via Microsoft Bing.

Windows Phone 7.5 users can also expect to see differences in lists like Top, Free and New, as the new algorithms now take into account downloads, customer ratings and actual usage patterns for a more accurate picture of what’s trending.

Blog said only 2 to 4 percent of windows 7.5 users not accessable to get latest updates. But they can access to new marketplace features. Microsoft official said, our customers will see Special App on marketplace to fix this problem. Peoples who installed special created app they will enjoy same features and functions like windows 8 user’s.

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