WhatsApp 2.12.87 Material Design Interface Updates Galore

Popular messaging app WhatsApp just received its latest update in the form of version 2.12.87. The update brings fairly significant changes to the app interface and cleans up some residual and dated interface elements of earlier versions. Most importantly, it is meant as a major update to closely conform with Google’s Material Design interface philosophy. The update is more about cleaning up the look of WhatsApp as opposed to the nuts and bolts beneath.


The most noticeable and perhaps significant change is in the layout and interface of a WhatsApp call. The old interface looks a lot like the standard Android phone call with a somewhat glaring red disconnect button on the bottom, a green WhatsApp call indicator, and a black and white background. This has seen a major overhaul with the black being replaced by a more pleasant teal background color, complete removal of the green call indicator, larger caller name font, a more muted red for the disconnect button, and some toned down options icons. It is a significant and welcomed change from the old interface.


The messaging interface has also seen some small but notable changes. The background has been muted as with some of the elements on the call screen. You can of course change the background but the default one has been subtly altered. Some old menu icons have been removed entirely and are now text only. Searching through your contacts is also somewhat cleaner.


You simply tap the search area and begin typing to locate a particular contact. Some minor interface elements have been removed in the search area which also serve to clean up the overall look.

One final change that is helpful to those with friends on iOS devices is the ability to receive the newly released iOS emojis with varying skins instead of the default ones. It’s not possible to send them from Android but if an iOS friend sends a new emoji, they will be displayed properly in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp continues to refine the look of their app and these design changes are definitely in the right direction. It’s a much more pleasant messaging experience all around.

Source: WhatsApp on Google Play Store

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