The WristBoom Wearable Bluetooth Speaker

With the rise of wearable devices, along comes a fun little portable Bluetooth speaker, dubbed the WristBoom. It’s designed to be worn on the wrist just like a watch and features a surprisingly capable speaker that can work with any Bluetooth device. It’s a sort of big brother to the Bluetooth headsets that have been around for ears except with a much more powerful speaker. WristBoom is currently trying to achieve a crowd funded goal to support a full release at a price of $49.

In terms of technical specs, WristBoom features both a speaker and a microphone. It can connect to any Bluetooth capable phone and functions much like a Bluetooth headset. The difference here is that because the speaker is so much more powerful you can actually use it as a portable music player, speakerphone, etc. where you couldn’t on a standard headset or trying to rely on the weak speakers in many portable devices and phones.

The sound quality is reportedly quite good, even at high volumes. There is no noticeable distortion and the volume can be surprisingly loud which makes it a very usable speaker. It likely handily beats most portable small speaker devices in that department.

The biggest drawback is a complete lack of controls on the device which would have definitely increased price and complexity. Instead, you’ll have to manage everything from your phone from playback, to pausing, to selecting audio. You’ll need to keep that phone nearby as long as you want to interact with what’s being played on the phone or if you’re using it as a microphone.


The real fun comes from the wearable and portable applications of WristBoom and that is where it separates itself. Any place or time you’d need a wearable speaker and microphone, WristBoom would be an amazing device. If you want to quickly share some music with friends, invent some sort of new game, or even use it in a work environment to relay information, it could definitely find a strong role in such applications. If you’re a fan, you can pre-order one now for $20 on WristBoom’s Indiegogo campaign.

Source: WristBoom | INDIEGOGO

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