The Top 5 Video Editing Apps for Android

Video editing on your Android device hasn’t been something that most people even think is possible, let alone attempt to do. Now this has all changed as the devices and drivers in handheld devices are becoming more powerful and the cameras and recording quality have been expanding, the need to edit recordings has become a real necessity. Here are the top 5 video editing apps for your Android device.

Magisto: Magical Video Editor ;


This one is at the top because it involves literally zero editing skills on your part. All you need to do is upload the video you want edited, choose a soundtrack and Magisto does everything else. You’ll end up with a nicely edited and professional looking movie to show off.

Video Editor ;


This is much more of a conventional video editing software. This allows for words and titles to be included, projects to be started and selected and even voice over and recording effects. This is the video editor for someone who actually wants control over each edit and how things are cut out or redone.

AndroMedia Video Editor ;


This is an even more advanced video editing software for your Android device. This will enable most editing capabilities that you can even think of and allow you to fully get the most out of editing a video from uploading the data, to cutting, to remastering and rendering.

Video Converter Android ;


This is mainly a cutting tool from what I saw of it. It is a great app and allows you to take out segments and selections from the media at will. It is really only useful for making cuts and converting media types from one format to another. It is very simple and easy to use and sometimes you need to format a video file to edit it in another program which is when this is very useful.

VidTrim ;


Cutting a video is usually what most of us need to do when editing. Those extra few seconds at the end, the beginning before the good part happens, or the part in the middle where it drags on sometimes just needs to be taken out. This is the perfect app when that’s all you need to get done. It’s quick and to the point and allows you to trim your content without any fuss.

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