Nokia announces Glam Me Lenses, SophieLens and 2InstaWithLove apps for Windows Phone

Quality of  camera has been always a primary bragging right when we talk about the Lumia series by Nokia. The Windows Phone itself has several shortcomings, but when it’s about the hardware of the devices, Windows Phone 8 gadgets can definitely grasp their own next to most of their rivals. Nokia, on the other hand, has realized this feature and its potential, there are numerous apps focusing on photography and image editing. The idea here is to craft Lumia in a way that it becomes reachable and popular among all the photo-freaks. Presently, Nokia is there, taking vital steps and that also in the accurate direction, by releasing photo-concerning apps that are exclusively for the Lumia gadgets. SophieLens, Glam Me and A Plea-For-Instagram will allow users to edit their photos in whatever manner they prefer, and that also without spending a lot.

SophieLens For Nokia :


SophieLens is an app that can really show what lenses can do! The lens supports boatload image effects that can be useful to the stock the camera’s viewfinder. This app has been available in the WP store for a few months, but Nokia has now re-released it. It offers several filters for free, but other effect packs can be unlocked merely by upgrading to the professional version for only $1.29.

Download SophieLens Here!

Glam Me For Nokia :


Glam Me for Nokia has been designed to craft all the self-shots appearing perfect. The application brings together, face enhancement with image filter features. There is an obvious caution – the apps works simply if your gadget supports a forepart-facing camera. As you snap an image using the application, it is wise enough to automatically change some features of your face. If you do not like the results, you can edit the image. Users can change the tone of the face, soften your skin color, adjust eye size and whiten teeth. With the compare button, they can always get a complete view of all the changes being made before you save the image permanently.
Glam Me app works for every Lumia gadget that support forefront camera and runs Windows Phone as the OS.

Download Glam Me Here!

#2InstaWithLove :


Microsoft Corporation has been working really hard to bring back all of its accepted apps to the Windows Phone platform, until now, Instagram has turned out to be fully indefinable for the Redmond guys. As Microsoft efforts are not doing much excellent here, Nokia considers taking the lead, taking a fresh approach to it. Rather than coming up with a fancy image editor and stating the app to be superior to Instagram, Nokia released #2InstaWithLove.

#2InstaWithLove is an app that provides users with a photo stream of the images using the application. Every image has a hashtag #2InstaWithLove related to it, and can aid Nokia’s grounds by spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook and several other social media portals urging Instagram to come up with an official application itself to the platform.

#2InstaWithLove is well-suited for all such Lumia gadgets that run the Windows Phone Mango version or above and is free to access.

Download #2InstaWithLove Here!

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