Rumor Mill: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is NOT Going to have a Flexible Display

There are always rumors circulating about Samsung’s devices since they sell so well, and the marketing isn’t as blatant and stagnant as Apple’s marketing. This leaves wide open doors for rumors and leaks to trickle out from numerous sources and suppliers. The latest one is concerning the rumors that the Galaxy Note 3, the company’s latest phone release, was going to have a flexible display. The latest news from the rumor mill is that that rumor is now proven false. Clearly these rumors have to be taken as they are, rumors, until there are official releases from the company themselves.

The idea behind the flexible display was innovation in a way that no other company had done before. That combined with the idea that the larger scale of the Note series would make it possible to slim down the horizontal measurements of the device. Alas, apparently the displays were not easy enough to manufacture and acquire in the amounts necessary to keep up with demand so Samsung did what any other money run company would do and decided on the cheaper, easier to mass produce product. Thanks Samsung.


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