Ring-A-Ling! The 5 Best Android Ringtone Apps are on the Line!

Having the most exciting, appropriate, or amusing ringtone can make or break your experience with a phone. With more and more apps tackling this market, there’s no excuse to not replace that standard boring ring using one of these top 5 apps for Android ringtones!

Ringdroid :


RingDroid is an open source app which not only allows for the creation of ringtones from audio files on your phone, but also allows recordings to be set as ringtones. Also, allowing the app to access your contacts opens up the great feature of contact specific ringtones. Know who is calling you before even picking up your phone with this app!

Ringtone Maker :


Ringtone Maker is another great app for using audio files from your phone or storage device to create clips of audio for a custom ringtone experience. This app also allows for recordings to be used as ringtones, and the ability to make contact specific ringtones. The all touch based interface allows a smooth and comfortable working control of sound file editing.

Funny SMS Ringtones :


Are you the jokester of your friends? Do you always have the funniest and most gut-busting apps on your Android? This is the app for you then. This app contains 54 high quality sounds that will make you double over laughing. The ringtones are all very high quality even at high volumes. It’s a great way to break the ice and get rid of your boring old ringtone.

Scary’s Ringtone :


This app is great for those people who love horror, scaring people, and that tingling sensation down your back. The chills you’ll get from these creepy sounds will make anyone jump out of their seat. Whether you want to scare someone, be holiday appropriate, or just love being creeped out, this collection of over 40 high quality, scary sounds will keep you entertained.

Romantic Love Ringtones:


This collection of ringtones will help be the soundtrack to your love life. The high quality sound clips will soothe you and gently guide you or anyone within hearing distance to that place of love and happiness. Enough of the obnoxious ringtones; try out these gentle and peaceful ringtones for a change and show the people around you how sensitive you are!


[Images Credit: Google Play Store]

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