Mimic iOS 9’s ‘Low Power Mode’ With ‘Power Saver Mode’ On iOS 8

Apple has teased its ‘Low Power Mode’ for the upcoming iOS 9 which reportedly increases battery life by a substantial amount. It’s meant to be used when your battery begins dropping to levels when it might need to be charged or you can simply leave it on permanently for reduced performance but noticeable battery gains. iOS 8 users would have to wait for this feature with the iOS 9 update. Thanks to the recent iOS 8 jailbreak however, it’s now possible to install a tweak called ‘Power Saver Mode’ that attempts to emulate the power saving measures of ‘Low Power Mode’. ‘Power Saver Mode’ accomplishes this by turning off location services, background app refresh, cellular data, and turning on Reduce Motion. To install the tweak, you’ll need to have a device running a version of iOS 8 and it needs to be jailbroken. Follow these steps to enable ‘Power Saver Mode’.

1. Make sure your device is jailbroken.

2. Launch Cydia and add the following repository – http://elijahandandrew.com/repo/.


3. Next, search for ‘Power Saver Mode‘ and install it.


4. Now, return to the Home screen. Launch the Settings app, then General, then Usage, then Battery Usage.

5. You should see an option for ‘Power Saver Mode‘. Use the toggle switch to turn it on.

6. You can now exit Settings.

That’s all there is to it. With this feature enabled, you can test and see if your battery life is improved. These small adjustments should be enough to make a noticeable difference in battery longevity. If you find you don’t like the tweak for some reason, you can simply return to the toggle through Settings and toggle it back off. This will restore your battery settings to their normal state.

Of course you could also just wait for the official release of iOS 9 but then you’d have to wait for a jailbreak on the very latest iOS which could be quite a long wait indeed.

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