Instagraph: The Temporary Instagram for Windows Phone 8 Users

It is now a running joke among Instagram users, where the Windows Phone 8 users are the butt of the joke, that they don’t have access to Instagram. Instagram is the largest and most effective photo sharing social media platform there is right now. This flaw that Instagraph has exploited allows Instagram to be updated and used through the Instagraph program app. Now Windows Phone 8 users can use Instagram like the rest of their mobile device using friends.

Instagram has been that end goal that Windows Phone 8 users have always wanted. It is sort of now available. Although this is not the official Instagram for Windows Phone, it will allow you to use and actual Instagram account with a Windows 8 Phone. This is a big first step in the right direction and allows some level of Windows Phone 8 support.

There are of course catches to a non official app. The first is that you are throttled to 3 uploads a day. This is to not fill the server with tons of downloads as the app is supported by a much smaller company than a Google or Facebook style developer like Instagram is. The developer does say that they are upgrading the servers and will either increase this quota or eliminate it completely in a short amount of time.

There have been a lot of complaints with this app so far in terms of it not working appropriately or at all. This is often the case with smaller independent developers, but hopefully soon enough the problems will be fixed and Windows Phone 8 users can have this pseudo Instagram on their phones.

Source: Instagraph App for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]


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