Cinemagram is Launched for Android Devices

Cinemagram is an odd little app to describe, but it is quite an entertaining and useful one at times. What it boils down to is essentially an Instagram for short movies or GIF files. While this may seem a bit weird, I assure you the demand is there, and the entertainment value is great. This app has been a long time coming since it has been available for iOS for quite a while, and the developers have hinted at this app for Android for over a year.

To really say what this app does you really need to understand what a GIF is. It is a small segment of a video which loops back over and over of the same clip to create a little video that never ends. You can finally turn your own videos into these GIFs and even clip, edit, and choose which portions of the video to animate and which to remain still.

The app is still brand new to the Android market and so there are the inevitable flaws and bugs which need to be ironed out. The bottom line is that the app is still very fun and allows you to make the absolute quickest short video clips to share and get to your friends. Vine is a very similar app which allows creation and sharing of videos, so we’ll see which app wins the Beta Max vs. VHS style battle in the end.

Google Play: Cinemagram App for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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