iBrowse – Full File Management Across All iOS Devices

Owners of multiple iOS devices know the pain of attempting to sync content across all of them, especially when using iTunes. Fortunately, there are a number of third-party solutions that make the task easier. With iBrowse, you can drag and drop files between device backups instead of having to restore data to an actual device. Provided that you have backups of each iOS device, this can save enormous amounts of time by eliminating the need to plug and unplug devices, make full backups, and then sync or choose specific media to transfer between devices.

Of course you can also directly connect a device such as an iPhone or iPad to your computer and manage files with iBrowse, though you do still need to have iTunes 10 or later installed for driver support. The files are grouped into three categories including Apps, Media, and Backup Data. Under apps, you have access to every app stored on the device as well as all app data. It’s a very useful way to transfer game saves or other data that has been built up over time to other devices. Unfortunately, Media is restricted to photos and videos and you will still need to use iTunes in order to properly move music files. You can view all backup data in the Backup section and transfer anything there to another device though the backup itself cannot be modified.

File management is very fast and easy with iBrowse, you can manually choose to transfer files from your computer to the iOS device, from iOS device to the computer, or between iOS devices. Drag-and-drop makes the process fairly straightforward. Browsing files is also very simple and thumbnails of each app, media file, and other data are shown along with some basic file information in a side panel.

iBrowse is a free download with Mac and PC versions available. There are no ads and iBrowse works with all devices and all versions of iOS. It’s a great choice for convenient, efficient iOS file management.

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