How To Share Photos To Facebook Wall Or Page with Chrome Extension

Facebook, undoubtedly is the biggest social network, and also is utilized as a platform to verify identities online. It enables users to sign in and make use of different web based applications, services as well as participate in several online forums. A large number of users on Facebook surely benefit themselves in this regard; and share content that they find interesting among their friends, and they leave them with comments on the forum or site. For sites that have mostly, if not completely, offer image based content, users normally make use of their Facebook ID’s to share the images. Just consider sharing an image from anywhere over the Internet, without copying or pasting its source URL. Make use of the ‘Upload Photos To Facebook Pages’ extension by Chrome that will enable you to share image based content right on your Facebook or to the pages you manage through the right-click context menu.

The Upload Photos To Facebook Pages extension offer users with an upload option next to the URL bar. You are required to sign in to your Facebook account, and make use of this extension, authorize the app to connect to your account. Once you have authorized the extension with the permission, you have to allow it to post it on your behalf or it is completely of no use and if you consider using it to post on your Facebook profile, you will have to provide it with an access to your Facebook pages too. All of these features will appear as options you essentially can skip, but if you skip them, installing the extension will be useless.


To login and then authorize the application, you must right click on the image and then select the option as ‘Upload to Facebook’ from the context menu. You will be now asked to login to your Facebook account and authorize the extension to access your profile details.


Once you have provided the extension with the permission, its icon would be right next to your URL and will list down your profile and any other pages you manage on Facebook. While you share any image, you will be able to select he option where you have to share it, that is your profile, page or even both. The extension will also enable you to add a description to the content you are sharing; as the description box appears, and you select the sharing option, click ‘Ok’ and post it. You will not be able to mention any of your contacts’ name within the description box.

The image you will post will appear immediately on your Facebook page or profile and goes within an album created automatically by the extension. it is precisely like you have downloaded an image and later on have uploaded to your profile in a much smarter way. This extension perhaps is not for everyone, but it happens to be extremely handy for all such users who make use of Facebook extensively.

Soruce: Google Chrome WebStore

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