How To Block / Unlock Calls On Android & iOS – Based On Location

You are comforting at home, perhaps enjoying your favorite movie, when you get a ring on your cell phone from your office requiring you to report immediately. Instead of disrupting the movie, or take the particular call and give them with a half-apology, would not that be awesome if some places were unavailable for SMS and calls by  particular groups of people? Check out the call block managers for Android and iOS platforms and make it work for you.

Block / Unlock Calls On Android :


Mr. Number-Block Calls, Texts App happens to be a call manager and blocker application for Android Blackberry and iOS devices. Call blocking is one of the most imperative features of the app; it basically takes full control of your device’s  phone app and can block out any number you want to.

Once you start off with the app, you will be provided with the blacklist that contains the kinds of numbers that you prefer blocking, along with exceptions. Moreover, you will be able to send all the private numbers via an app directly to the voicemail; the application can even block SMS messages from a particular number or even from private numbers.

The app provides users with the feature to choose exactly how the app should block the SMS and calls. The traditional approach is to send the caller or number right to the voicemail, but this app also provides the feature to ‘pick up the call and hang up’. Moreover, you can also set up different profiles and even block certain numbers as per your needs and requirements.

Mr. Number is an exceedingly useful application, which is free to access and can be downloaded from the Google’s Play Store.

Block / Unlock Calls On iOS :


Apple, earlier in the year 2012, came up with the ‘Do not disturb’ mode, which enable users to automatically disregard any kind of notifications or calls for that matter. This feature got to receive huge fanfare, yet most users consider it to be moderately more selective in comparison to just on/off switch.

Call Bliss is the app that bridges the gap in the most useful manner and setting up is certainly a bliss: right from your app, you will be able to create your own list of various locations, like school, home, gym, work and even create groups of people like Co-workers and friends. Right from there, you can easily assign your different contacts to any of these groups, and then tag at the location you hope to be available by each group.

The app certainly happens to be an incredible addition for anyone who wants to deal with their contacts in a better manner. Remember, the app is programmed to discover your present location, no matter where ever you are, however it perhaps will drain your device’s battery life.

Call Bliss can be accessed easily from the App Store for just $2.99.

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