Fast Fingers; The Top 5 Alternative Keyboards for Android Smartphones

#1 Swiftkey Keyboard


Are you the kind of person that starts a text and by the end you’re left with a jumble of characters and letters that barely resembles a language at all? Swiftkey might be the best for you. This cutting edge technology allows for error correction and word prediction in a way that has never been seen before. Without even using spaces Swiftkey can determine what you meant to say. It literally learns your style of typing to best correct words and even predict what you’re going to say before you start typing it.

 #2 Go Keyboard


Go Keyboard is another very smart texting app. It also can learn the way you type and help texts come out smoother and faster. This is also the app for the fashion forward person out there. With new themes coming out all of the time and over 60 in total you can change the layout and look as often as you want. It even has great customizable size templates to work best on any size and display of tablet or phone.

 #3 Smart Keyboard


Smart Keyboard is another great keyboard app. It has a solid and professional looking layout and has incredible language variation. It caters to numerous alphabets and language inputs which makes it a great keyboard for multilingual people or world travelers.

 #4 Swype


Swype has been dubbed as the cursive style writing for the new age of technology. It features a single touch interface that allows the user to simply swipe their finger over the keyboard making a zig zag pattern over the letters of the word they want. Swype takes a bit of getting used to, but it is an incredible revolution in typing on an electronic device.

#5 Hacker’s Keyboard


Hacker’s Keyboard is mainly designed for tablet use. It is laid out very similarly to a computer keyboard and allows the user to feel like they’re not typing on a touch screen. It even allows multitouch for command keys so that you can press copy and paste type shortcuts without going through the usual hoops and leaps that are necessary on a normal device.

Al in all keyboards for touch screen devices are very personal decisions. Different styles fit different people better. Check all of these top 5 out and see how they work for you. These will allow you to reach your true texting potential and have everyone envious of your speed!

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