Dynamic Keyboard For Android now Available Free

The concept behind Dynamic Keyboard is a unique twist on predictive keyboard technology. After typing the first letter of the word, the keys will resize themselves based on the letters most likely to be typed next. For example, if you type an ‘h’, all vowels will be enlarged. If you then type an ‘e’, the letter ‘L’ will be enlarged in anticipation of you wanting to type ‘Hello’. Other letters you’re most likely to enter will also be enlarged but Dynamic Keyboard tries to cover all bases and enlarge all likely choices. The app doesn’t stop with simply enlarging likely letter choices, but also actually shrinks letters that you’re least likely to choose next. In theory, this should minimize mistakes by making it much easier to hit the right key and make it less likely that you’ll hit the wrong one.

In practice however, the keyboard leaves a lot to be desired both in form and function. The graphics on the keyboard can appear pixelated and clunky and the general interface is not the prettiest. Dynamic Keyboard now supports auto-correct but there is no way to choose from a set of predicted words like many other keyboards. If you rely heavily on that feature, using this app will quickly become a chore. Typing can be bewildering at times as the keys constantly change size and flash between large and small when each new letter is entered. The app also supports a variety of Western keyboard layouts for different languages. For fans of split keyboards, there is an option for that as well.

While the idea is sound and interesting, Dynamic Keyboard still needs quite a bit of work before it realizes its potential. It is free on Google Play though a paid version for $0.99 unlocks HD fonts, more customization options, and the ability to set colors on the keyboard.

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