Download and Use 153 Animated GIF Apple Watch Emojis

Apple has kindly provided a great number of animated emojis for use with the Apple Watch. When a simple text message won’t do, it can be fun to send a lively emoji and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. The Apple Watch is particularly suited to displaying emojis with its vibrant Retina screen and placement on your wrist. There’s a certain charm to glancing at your watch to be greeted by an animated emoji at just the right moment. It could really become something rather special as the number and variety of emojis grows and the Apple Watch becomes a newer platform for them. Where it would be a hassle to read a lengthy text on the Apple Watch, maybe a flashy and well timed emoji might do better.

For everyone without an Apple Watch however, the German site GigaApple has kindly provided animated GIF conversions of every animated emoji on the Apple Watch. Because animated GIFs run on nearly everything, these are easy to use on the web, PC, mobile device, etc. so you’re free to use them wherever and whenever you wish. If by chance you find your online postings have become stale and your emojis, emoticons, GIFs, and various links tired and worn, take heart…for these lovely new animated emojis have come to the rescue to lend some cheery motion to your digital world. The popularity of emojis seems to only be growing so there should be even more variety arriving steadily in case even these new ones get old and played out.

Why even use words or sounds at all? Why not compose e-mails and postings comprised entirely of animated, bouncing, flashing emojis I ask? Perhaps we are slowly returning to a hieroglyphics based society like that of the ancient Egyptians. Ok, maybe I took it a little too far there. In any case, enjoy the latest batch of emojis whether it be on your shiny new Apple Watch or from GigaApple’s animated GIFs!

->> Source: Animated GIFs via GigaApple

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