CoPilot Navigation for Windows 8 Devices Now Available

In the world of operating systems on the market for mobile devices the big two are Android and iOS, but there is a third contender that is gaining some traction in the market. Windows 8 phones and Windows 8 devices are becoming something that large scale app companies have to consider, compatibility wise, on the market. The last time ALK Technology had the chance to go for Windows 7 integration, they opted to simply focus their attention on full Android device compatibility. Now, they have gone the other way and decided to make Windows 8 on their list of compatible operating systems.

This is big news for those who love the flawless help in finding their direction from CoPilot apps but use Windows 8 devices. Previously they would be simply out of luck, but now they can have the same awesome interface and spot on direction as the rest of the mobile world.

Some of the amazing components of CoPilot that the Windows 8 community can now enjoy are:

  • ActiveTraffic – which calculates the fastest routes based on actual live traffic flow information
  • CoPilot ClearTurn – which makes turning through intersections that are busy or blocked safer
  • On screen speed limits and speed warnings
  • Multiple Route, simultaneous planning/drag and drop instant editing

An app like this can struggle in the world of free services such as Google Maps, and Apple Maps, but somehow they have managed to not only stay afloat, but stay on the lead of innovation. CoPilot is one of those companies and services that has been around for over a decade and has evolved in every way it needed to to stay current and competitive. If the past and present are any indicator, CoPilot will be staying right on the cusp of integration as mobile devices grow and evolve. Getting this app on any device, now including Windows 8 devices, will make your trip planning and navigation a breeze.

Source: CoPilot Web Blog

[Image Credit: CoPilot Mobile Navigation]

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