Chrome: View Enlarge Facebook Photos Using Magnifier for Facebook

Magnifier Viewer for Facebook happens to be an extension for Chrome enabling users to view enlarged images on Facebook with not even opening them in the Image Viewer. The extension will allow you to zoom into the photo and then disable the theater view in Facebook’s photo viewer. You will be able to easily view the enlarged photo by just moving your mouse over the thumbnail preview, or simply by pressing the right click button and selecting to open the photo into another tab.

As the name of the extension implies, the Magnifier for Facebook will also zoom in on the photo that appears to be larger than that of its actual size, but the magnifying feature can also halt or brought down to a shortcut for further toggling it.

With the extension installed onto your system, photos start appearing in a floating manner to you on a required page, as you will move your cursor over them. As you have your mouse cursor move over the photo, it will start to load instantly as a default feature. This technique has made the extension extremely sensitive and rather aggravating but luckily, you can easily adjust it and several other settings in the options available with the extension.

As the extension is extremely sensitive to the movement of your cursor’s movement, you will see that it obstructs your browsing speed and normally delays the loading of images that you are considering viewing. Thus, the best approach here is to head over the Magnifier for Facebook’s extension options initially and alter the time entered in the ‘Delay’ field to avoid this. You can also add in the effect of fade in or fade out, in case you prefer increasing the time in these particular fields.

Magnifier for Facebook will also enable you to view the caption of the image, but you can easily turn it off by navigating through the settings of the extension. The right click menu can be disabled, along with the theater view. The shortcuts and keys can also let you disable the zooming feature or simply restrict it a specific key pressed down. On the other hand, you can also set the extension to halt the zoom feature when a certain key is pressed. Ensure you save all your changes before you exist the extension’s settings.

The right-click menu offer several options for viewing an enlarged image in a new tab, and can also be downloaded. Keep this in mind that the photo downloads will be in its actual size. The extension may be restricted and in that case it just works for images, but images make up a significant part of the content being shared over Facebook. Apparently, the extension load the images relatively faster compared to the default photo viewer and if you are keen to view images than posting or reading comments, Magnifier for Facebook is what you should be opting for.

Chrome Store : Magnifier for Facebook

[Image Credit: Chrome Web Store]

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