Best Free Android Live Wallpapers For Christmas

This year’s Christmas Celebrations will not be the same because this time, Android brings you some really exciting wallpaper applications that will completely transform the look of your android phone and will give you new feeling. There are several different wallpaper applications available on Google play and all with different and interesting features. This article is a review on some of the most liked android wallpaper applications for Christmas.

3D Christmas Live :

It is one amazing 3D wallpaper app that features the most beautiful Christmas trees and it also has a countdown to Christmas and New Year. The free version lets you to explore and set background wallpaper of your choice. The paid version is also available on Google play for $2.08 that offers some more advanced features and maximum customization to your wallpaper. It will let you to choose displays like Christmas tree, Fireworks, snow and many more. For instance if you choose Christmas tree, you can make changes to your tree and decorate it in your own way.


Christmas HD Live :

These are also wallpapers for Christmas with 3D graphics that will take you to a wonder world. An important feature is that it will consume your phones minimum power. It is also very simple to use.


Christmas Rink Live :

This has a winter and Christmas theme that displays characters skating on snow. It also shows Santa Clause skating with people and it allows you to speed up these characters. You need to download it to experience this on your phone and see what magic it offers.


Snow Live :

It features snow falling and Christmas trees and also allows you to control the snow according to what suits your mood. You can control the falling speed of snow, change its shape and there’s a lot that you can customize. There are 4 different displays that you can choose from.


Merry Christmas :

It is another magnificent app for this festive season that displays snow man, Santa Clause and everything related to the Christmas.


Christmas Silent Night :

This wallpaper gives view of a joyful Christmas night and it will take you to the world of fantasy. It features snow, sparkling lights and the moon and stars shining on the sky. You can tap to control all of them.


These wallpapers will give life and energy to your phone. Download these apps to experience the magic they offer. Have fun!

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