Analog Camera on iOS App Store

Realmac Software has released Analog Camera, a powerful yet minimalist camera app on the iOS App Store. It may seem hard to get excited by just another camera app but Analog Camera offers a new take on a clean interface coupled with some simple but powerful features.

Like most other camera apps on the market, Analog Camera allows shutterbugs to control focus, exposure, and apply one of eight different filters to a photo. The focus and exposure features are nothing new but do add a level of sophistication and control that can turn what would be generic photo into something special when applied in the right way. Of course if you just want to snap a quick shot, the app offers an auto mode that chooses exposure and focus on its own.

Analog Camera includes the ability to connect to social media via Facebook and Twitter and photos can be instantly tagged, annotated, and sent via the app. Any photos already on the phone can be adjusted using the provided filters, even if they were taken with a different app. The filters are as fun as ever, you’d be surprised how much you can achieve using just eight of them.

What sets Analog Camera apart from the many camera apps on the market is the simplicity of the interface. It does away with many of the features that are rarely used that would clutter the app and strips photography down to its most fun and useful core. With literally a few taps and swipes, you can capture a professional looking photo, post it to Facebook and be ready for the next shot. Analog Camera is available on the iOS App Store for 99 cents, give it a try.

Source: Analog Camera for iPhone

[Image Credit: Apple iTunes Store]

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