60+ Beautiful Muslim Hijab Quotes and Sayings

Mostly rumors are being spread that Hijab is only Muslim Girl or women clothing and hijab is sign of oppression to women. These rumors are baseless, because wearing hijab is personal choice and some women believe that Allah (GOD) instructed women to wear it as a means of fulfilling His commandment for modesty. The word Hijab is Arabic word, which means cover or conceal. In Islam Hijab refers as dress code necessary for Muslim girls and women. However, Hijab is not necessary where there are only women’s and certain male relatives are present. Hijab is not just a cover for Muslim women’s and Girls it also shows noble speech, modesty and dignified conduct. In Muslim society, Hijab quotes are popular around world. Today, we want to share beautiful Muslim hijab quotes and saying for women’s and girls. Please read and share following quotes and share your favorite quotes in comment below.

Hijab with a bad attitude isn’t hijab. Hijab with tight clothes on isn’t hijab. Hijab with hair on the side isn’t hijab. Hijab with layers of makeup isn’t hijab. Hijab is beautiful so make it look beautiful!
Beauty is like a book it can not be judged by its cover.
No matter what stage you are on, It all counts for Allah! At least you are trying!
“Islam teaches us to cover our Aurah not tight-wrappings” Them like burritos! Tights & Leggings are not appropriate! *Do Not Wear Them In Public *Seriously They Look Like Undergarments.
Don’t Let your last day on earth be the first day you wear hijab.
“In this age of nudity, the more you reveal the cheaper you are regarded, even if the world makes you feel you are liberated. Modest dress plays a key role in purification of the soul & deep inner contentment.”
“The Muslim Women is Clothed in strength & Dignity. She Trust in Allah & Smiles without fear of the future.”
“Modesty Comes in More Than just Our Physical Appearance. Our Entire Bodies, personalities and thoughts Should Emanate Modesty.”
“Modesty is the crown of A Mulimah. Hijab forces a man to look at a woman with respect rather than as an object.”
“A women modestly dressed is as pearl in its Shell.”
“Yes it’s HOT, it’s HARD, It’s Different, But I LOVE wearing it..”

Updated Date: April 08, 2020

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