Top 5 Free RPG Games for Android

Inotia 3 Children of Carnia :


This is one of the best games for a mobile device I have ever played, hands down. It’s an engaging, gun, and addictive RPG that is completely well made in every aspect for play on an Android device. It was even selected as the runner up for the 2011 best app ever awards. Check this one out and I promise if you have any love for RPGs this one won’t disappoint.

Blood Brothers :


This RPG has been another amazing addition to the world of mobile device RPGs. Customizable parties to have your own edge, new skill sets to master, and huge maps and villages make this game one to remember. It may have vampires in it, but it doesn’t have any part in all of that vampire sterotype hype nonsense.

 Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny :


This game is offered in HD which is one of the first great aspects. Followed by that, the amazing story line is what really sucked me in. Most mobile games have a very simple tap this touch that to play, but the story in this game makes it so much better. With real combat, custom choices that change the gameplay, and global player vs player games, this game is incredibly hard to master and get sick of.

Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale :


When a game has over a million followers you know there has to be something great about it. The one really cool thing about this game, which I have always loved in RPGs is when you can collect and amass a cool arsenal of weapons as you play. That’s one of the most fun aspects of this game. The player vs player on this game is incredible too; one of the best on mobile gaming.

SoulCraft :


This game is heavily rooted in dungeon crawling. It made the list because it does that incredibly well. There’s tons of action and great fighting in this game which is enough to make it awesome to play. Multiplayer with people you know also makes any game that much better. With 5 different game modes, you’ll always have something new to find and complete, and new bosses to battle. This is another great, free RPG that you’ll need to check out.

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