Todo Movies 2.0 launched with rating system, new movie discovery feature

The name of the app sounds kind of weird until you break it down. It’s a “to do” list for movie watching. These days with television and movies so easily accessible online and streaming or for rental delivery through services like Netflix, the world is at your fingertips. There are thousands of movies out there that you’ll probably love and the only tricky thing is finding them and remembering that you wanted to watch them.

There’s little more frustrating than hearing about a movie that you want to watch from a friend or coworker and then just forgetting about it later. With Todo Movies you can create lists, get notifications, and follow movies as they become released or available.

The other great thing is that movies can all be played up to sound great, but Todo Movies allows a user rating system that runs parallel with other famous rating services like Netflix, Rotten Tomatoes, and TMDB to see what is really worth your time. Social network integration is another great aspect of the app since it allows you to share or hear about what your friends are talking about and watching to stay up to date on their thoughts about them too.

Todo Movies may seem a bit like an unnecessary app, but once you’ve tried it you won’t have to waste anymore time on awful movies or forget about those ones you really wanted to see. With this kind of specific service there are a few other apps out there that do similar functions, but in the end of the day this one takes the cake hands down.

Since you’ve read this long I’ll mention that another cool feature is the Bonus Scenes description with new movies that inform you if it’s worth it or not to stay around and watch the credits roll for an extra scene or bloopers when the movie is over.

Source : TodoMovies App for iPhone

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