The Official Fast and the Furious 6 Game Now Available in the Google Play Store

There’s no avoiding the Fast and the Furious franchise that has hit the movie and gaming industry by storm. For nearly a decade this series has been making hearts and minds race while watching these souped up rides go faster and drive recklessly. Now, you can join in on all of the excitement by strapping up in your own car and racing around in the Fast and the Furious 6 app game on the Google Play Store.

Join all of the other racers and beat them out for cash and prizes while working your way up through the ranks of the underworld of street racing. For a touch screen racing control the game is actually quite well put together. With on screen toggles sort of running the show it is easy to keep track of where the controls are and how to blast your wheels past the finish line first.

Car aficionados will love this title simply because it allows them to get behind the virtual wheel of some of the hottest new cars and classic cars out there. This is also a game for those who are competitive at heart. With world wide leader boards it can be a matter of real life pride on the line as you can try to make the best times against real people in the most legal and realistic form of drag and street racing possible right in the palm of your hand.

This is a great, fun and exciting app for any race fans, car fans, or Fast and the Furious junkies out there. It stays fun and the replay value is great. Go and download the app today and start burning some rubber.

Source: Fast and the Furious 6  for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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