The 6 Best Android Apps For Your Health & Fitness

Gone are the winters, and now it’s spring – the time when you can go outside and be in a great shape. You can even make use of your Android device that supports a large number of apps which will track down your calories as well as kilometers to get in the right shape.
Following are the 6 best Android apps you can opt for health and fitness, which will assist you to obtain and live in the most suitable shape.

Endomondo Sports Tracker :


This happens to be an extremely useful app for rollerbladers, cyclists, joggers, runners, or all such people who simply prefer going for a walk occasionally. The apps will assist you to track your height, weight, speed, kilometers and time, maintaining a history of your workouts. The app has been integrated with Google Maps and audio playlist that enables you to have a comprehensive analysis of your improvement. Endomondo Sports Tracker app can be easily downloaded from Google’s Play.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret :


This is an extremely vital and handy app for all such users who prefer to maintain a track of their nutritional details and calorie consumption. The applications also record the recommended every day intake for you to acquire your weight and fitness targets.
The app can be easily downloaded from Google’s Play Store.

Instant Heart Rate :


The heart is the most imperative organ of the human body. With the Instant Heart Rate app, you can be sure of the fact that your ticker is doing well. Presently, this application is the most reliable and accurate approach to measure an individual’s heart rate without any additional equipment. All you need to do here is to place your index finger on the camera on your phone and within a few seconds you will see a real time heart monitor. The app turns out to be extremely useful while tailoring exercises or for all those users who have heart issues. Instant Heart Rate can be easily downloaded from Google’s Play.

First Aid :


Being healthy is not only about keeping it fit. It is also about being able to hold on to medical emergencies. The Health Team came up with the First Aid app, which is the best one for all such people who get to come across any emergency. You can treat anyone who is in need or simply when you are participating in rescue activities. The app can be easily downloaded from Google’s Play Store.

BMI Calculator :


An individuals’ Body Mass Index or BMI is basically the key to ensure that you are not being overweight.It can be a bit tough to wrap it up, but with the BMI calculator app from Woytek, users will be able to easily determine their BMI. This app is for normal people and not much recommended for athletes. The app offers both imperial and metric units through which users can measure equal to the average.  BMI Calculator app can be easily downloaded from Google’s Play.

VirtuaGym Fitness Home and Gym :


VirtuaGym is another incredible application for all those people who are interested to look for a handy daily workout routine that suits their schedule. Basically,  the app VirtuaGym is believed to be an extension of, which is a personal trainer over the Web. Actually, on the other hand,  the app and the site are not synchronized at all. Still, you can make use of this app and make it truly worth. The app can be easily downloaded from Google’s Play Store.


[Images Credit: Google Play Store]

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