SkateDog: The Fun New Game for Windows Phone

There was just a new game released for Windows Phone called SkateDog. The premise is simple, you’re a dog and you skateboard. That’s pretty much it. As simple and random as that sounds it’s actually a lot of fun. It’s pretty addicting and the little dog is adorable to boot. You basically skate around and try to get a hamburger. If you’re hoping for some intense intellectual stimulation you’re not going to get it, but the game is fun and that’s all it’s trying to do. There are also these little speed boosts you can get which enable the dog to jump or fly around the levels which is a nice added little twist.

Overall this app is kind of limited and short, but the game itself is fun to play. It’s definitely worth a download and a test run since it’s free, but it might be one of those apps you beat and then uninstall. I do look forward to any sequels to this app though since it is fun to play and I feel like with some more levels and some more features it really could actually become a viral and popular game.

Take it or leave it, SkateDog is out there if you’re a Windows Phone user. It’s cute, fun, and a great time killer. It’s not going to replace Temple Run or Angry Birds anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time to give it a whirl, or a skate. Who can say no to a cute little floppy eared dog on a skateboard with elbow pads and a helmet? I sure couldn’t.

Source: SkateDog for Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Store]

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