Samsung’s Possible Power Behind the Coming S4: 8 Core Exynos 5 Octa Mobile Processor

Apple vs. Samsung debates aside, clearly Samsung is the powerhouse behind many of the leading components that most modern smart phones encase. Their Galaxy S line has been groundbreaking since their introduction to the market and only continues to grow and improve. The newest announcement coming from the Samsung camp is the announcement of this chip which combines all of the best efforts of their past creations into one all star. If you’ve owned any version of the Galaxy S series you’ll surely notice how much each version improves and how much faster, and more responsive each offering has been.

When broken down, the combination of two, four core processors nested together, the ARM Cortex A15 and the Cortex A7 work uniquely to handle different workloads. This will enable the device a longer battery life since the work can be sourced to whichever processor best fits the job. This level of work efficiency will enable whichever device is lucky enough to house this chip a much greater life on the battery.

Although this processor isn’t necessarily something that is going to go down in the record books as breaking any records or discovery any new technology, the extension of battery life is going to be key. It’s a great feature to help attempt to resolve the most important issue with most of our current devices. They have become so small that any notable battery would seem obnoxious and over bearing. This means each device has to have a tiny battery and the device can only last a smaller portion of time off of a charge. It’s trading efficiency and portability for battery life.

The Core Exynos 5 Octa will most likely find its way into one of Samsung’s tablets initially. After being somewhat tested in that market it may make its way into the phone market with the next model of S4. One thing’s for sure that Samsung knows what they’re doing in the smart phone market. This processor will be quite a notable and noticeable addition to the power and performance of any device.

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