Mozilla Firefox For Android Available For Million Of ARMv6 Devices

Mozilla announced to introduces support for million more android device out there. In past, Mozilla firefox was supported for Android devices running 2.2 or higher and using ARM v7 processors. But now Mozilla firefox will be supportable for all Android 2.2+ devices using ARM v6 processor.

According to official statements, 50 percent of all most 500 million devices out there running ARM v6 processor. Firefox for android also update with new features and improvements. Few new features TalkBack integration, is screen reader that speak to users & vibration feedback, explore by touch and gesture navigation.

Whats new in Android For Fixfox:

  • Support for Android ARMv6 phones with at least an 800MHz processor and a minimum of 512MB of available RAM
  • Android (ICS/Jellybean) support for hardware and software decoding of H.264/AAC/MP3 audio and video
  • Jellybean support for Explore by Touch


  • Android 4.2 instability
  • Text deletion issues

[via: Mozilla]



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