Internet Speed Master For Android Might Boost Your Connection

Internet Speed Master for Android is a small patch that may or may not boost the download and upload speeds on your device. It works by modifying some linux files related to the tcp/ip configuration in a way that has been shown to improve speeds on many devices. The app is quite flexible and you can use it with a non-rooted device though it is intended to be used by rooted devices and is integrated more deeply if you do have root.

On a non-rooted device, the patch is disabled but you are still able to apply some changes by tapping ‘Improve Internet Connection’. This presumably tweaks files that are not protected and so you may see some speed benefit. If you do have root access on your device, you will be asked to allow Superuser access and then can tap ‘Apply Patch’ to fully modify the files and see if it has any effect. There is a very convenient ‘Restore’ button as well which reverses the changes at any time in case the patch actually has an adverse effect on your connection speed.

This patch is very dependent on the make and model of your device as well as your data connection and there is a possibility that it will have no effect or actually slow your connection. You could also see strange things like a boost in download or upload speed along with a drop in the other direction. But, for some users, the patch appears to offer a very strong increase in speed that may well be worth a try. Since you can remove the changes at any time, there isn’t much risk involved.

Internet Speed Master is available on Google Play for free. If you’re not satisfied with your connection speeds, it’s worth a shot to see if it helps at all.


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