Game of Thrones Episode Four Release Dates

The latest installment of the video game version of the Game of Thrones : A Telltale Games Series from Telltale Games now has a game, set, match release date. The game is of course based on the wildly popular series of Game of Thrones fantasy books and TV show. For fans who are hungry for every last bit of the series, you now have a firm release date for the latest episode across many digital platforms. The game will eventually have a total of six episodes with the first three having been released already. Telltale Games is known for having a somewhat unpredictable episode release schedule but luckily we now know when the next one is coming out. The production values and fun of the games easily makes up for the wait.

The fourth episode, ‘Sons of Winter’, chronicles the story of House Forrester and will be released on May 26th, first on Steam for PC and Mac and the PlayStation Network for PS3 and PS4. The following day (May 27th) it will be available for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The day after that (May 28th) the episode will be available to download and play on iOS and Android devices. That’s a little confusing but at least the game is available on nearly every possible platform so there’s no excuse for missing out on it.

If you’ve ever played a Telltale game before, you know you’re in for quite a treat when this episode is finally released. You also know that it’s highly recommended that you play the previous episodes to fully enjoy the game and not have various spoilers ruin the experience. If you haven’t played the series already, luckily you have a few days to play the first three episodes and get all caught up! So fire up that console, tablet, or computer and jump into Westeros.

Only a few days left until the saga of House Forrester continues.

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