Fresh Paint Arrives On Windows Phone 8

The popular art app Fresh Paint for Windows 8 has now arrived for Windows Phone 8 users, so you can have the same experience on your phone. The team behind Fresh Paint has painstakingly recreated the complex physics of oil painting to give the most realistic result possible. Besides creating original artwork, you can edit photos on the device with a variety of effects or paint over them to add some life to the original or make a ‘painting’ version of them.

The app itself is simple and straightforward and mimics actual oil painting. You’re given a few brushes, pencils and pens, an eraser, a blender tool, and a canvas with many colors that can be mixed in endless combinations. As with an actual canvas, you can brush a bit of one color in the palette mixing area, and then select a second color to blend with it to produce a new one. You can also select from a bunch of preset colors or use a color wheel for a little more fine control. The rest is completely up to your imagination and best of all, there’s no messy paint to clean up.

The photo editing feature is a definite crowd-pleaser, with some quick artistic lens effects to turn photos into paintings. Of course you can also use the photo as the basis for an original painting. You can share your work with others by e-mail, text, and SkyDrive as well. SkyDrive also allows you to synch different versions of Fresh Paint, so you could begin something on a Windows 8 tablet or desktop and then continue it on Windows Phone 8 or vice versa.

Fresh Paint is a great app for artists and anyone who feels the creative itch and is perfect for kids and grownups alike. Even better, it’s completely free on the Windows Phone Store and is a must have for WP8 users. It requires 1GB of RAM so older devices may not be able to run it.

Source: Fresh Paint Windows Phone

[Image Credit: Windows Phone Store]

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