Flash Often With Flashify (for root users)

For all those Android explorers constantly juggling the latest ROMs and images, Flashify has you covered. You will need to have root access to your device to use Flashify, but once you do, you can flash boot and recovery images as well as any zip files. One of the best features is the ability to flash any of these directly from Android without going into recovery mode. If you’re always swapping out builds or experimenting with the latest and greatest in Android, this is a real life saver and your changes will all be there with a quick reboot.

Flashify is also a great backup tool, and you can backup or restore your recovery image or kernel. The data can be saved to an SD card or you can use Dropbox for cloud saves. Going even further with the Dropbox integration, you can synchronize your updates across all Android devices instantly or save them on your desktop. The app also supports using other file browsers to instantly flash from a different app, which is a very thoughtful addition.

Flashify keeps a detailed history of all changes, updates, etc. done through the app in case you want to keep track or find yourself getting lost after dozens of flashes. The history feature is a fantastic way to remind yourself of what you’ve done or to track down any issues that may arise from flashing different things to the device.

Flashify is available now on Google Play for free, though you are limited to 3 flashes per day. If you cough up $1.99, you can flash all you want.

Source: Flashify App for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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