Finally Facebook Home is Now Available in the Google Play Store

The day that Facebook and social media fans have been waiting eagerly for is finally here. The long awaited and heavily hyped Facebook Home is here, for some. Only for some because the app is currently only compatible with the HTC One X, One X+, Samsung Galaxy SIII and Galaxy Note II. This short list of devices will surely grow as the days pass, but as of now if you don’t have one of those devices, but want Facebook Home, you’re out of luck.

Now that Facebook Home is safely in the grasps of the Google Play Store you can go grab it if you have one of those devices. The app itself drastically changes the way you will experience Facebook and the way in which social media will envelop your phone. The device turns itself into a default Facebook machine and viewer from the home screen. For those of use who heavily use Facebook to check up on people and browse the newsfeed this is great and allows a nice new way to do so.

The second the phone is activated, the home screen and the lock screen will display news feed posts and spotlighted images and text that your friends or like pages are sharing. Your notifications will also pop up as would texts or other main notifications in a nicely themed and pleasant looking format. With the combination of the new Facebook home and the integration of Facebook Messenger app now able to be used as a default texting platform, Facebook can take over the basics of your everyday phone use.

The app launcher is another main feature of the Facebook Home app. With this you can customize where you want the apps to go and where you want them positioned while keeping them organized. You can also do all of this from the Facebook Home which makes it much easier to go from app to app than with most conventional home screen set ups.

The Facebook Home is the newest innovation from the Facebook developers and one of the biggest releases in their side of the world in quite some time. So far, it looks pretty good and well designed with few bugs as you would expect from the Facebook team. If you have a compatible device check it out in the Google Play store.

Google Play: Facebook Home App for Android

[Image Credit: Google Play Store]

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