Currency – Made Simple: The New and Useful Currency Converter for iPhone

There is nothing more frustrating than traveling and not knowing what your native money is worth in another country or worrying that some less than honest merchant sees you in a new place and is trying to take advantage. Worry no more with the newest and easiest to use currency conversion app, righty named “Currency”. No matter where you are the app will have you covered. It syncs to the internet to make sure all of the conversion rates are up to date, but also works well in an offline mode if the internet or networks aren’t accessible. Of course, being online will make sure your conversion rates are the most up to date though.

With over 160 world currencies covered in the app, you’ll most likely be taken care of no matter where in the world you find your travels taking you. The best feature of this app is the way in which the user interface is set up. It is so well built that it is almost entirely swiping and tapping and the use of the keypad is almost never needed. This makes it very easy to use on the go, wen you most likely need a tool like this anyway.

A favorites list will enable you to keep track of your most visited countries or keep tabs on investment values you have in other parts of the world too. This comes in handy so you an get to the ones you want and not have to scroll through the list of the numerous world currencies that the app comes with.

A world traveler or just a person who needs to know what their money is worth in other parts of the world will find this app priceless, although it will set you back $0.99, or whatever the local currency conversion rate is.

Source : Currency – Made Simple for iPhone

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