Dynamic Keyboard For Android now Available Free

The concept behind Dynamic Keyboard is a unique twist on predictive keyboard technology. After typing the first letter of the word, the keys will resize themselves based on the letters most likely to be typed next. For example, if you…

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SickSky – A Minimalist Launcher For Android

SickSky Launcher aims to reduce your Android home screen to its core by eliminating all clutter. Usually, the home screen is filled with dozens of icons for each app you have installed unless you’ve manually organized all of them. If…

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The 5 Best Lock Screen Apps On Android

Your phone’s lock screen might seem like a boring piece of real estate that’s usually dismissed with a quick tap or swipe. Then again, it’s one of the things you’ll see most often, so why not personalize it or make…

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1 Second Everyday For iOS And Android

The idea behind 1 Second Everyday is simple but potentially profound. You select a single second – and no more – to record from each day and then stitch the sum together into a life review. Over time, you’ll build…

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